Permanent resident card allows an immigrant to become a permanent resident of another country. Permanent residents are actually citizens of another country. Refugees arriving from other countries may achieve the status of a permanent resident through either a Government-Assisted Refugee Program or Private sponsorship of Refugee Program. There are a lot of programs available for immigrants that are not refugees and want to become permanent residents of Canada as well. To acquire a permanent resident status you are required to live in Canada for atleast two years in a five year period. If you live abroad for more than three years, you stand to lose your residency status.

Permanent resident status brings lots of benefits with it. Permanent residents can enjoy most social benefits that the citizens of Canada receive including health care coverage and protection under the Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. They are also allowed to work and study at any place in Canada. Permanent Residents are expected to respect and act on all laws of the country and pay taxes. Permanent residents can also apply for citizenship in Canada.

Our employees are well versed and have adequate knowledge regarding all these programs. They can help you choose a program that is tailored to your specific requirements and provide you with assistance in the process.