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With the growing demand for more jobs and working opportunities, more and more applicants are looking to apply for Germany’s Visa and migrate to the country. The entire process can be time-consuming and tiring considering the immense amount of paperwork involved. To handle the entire process and make the procedure simpler, we have gathered a team of highly skilled professionals. Thus understanding the needs of our clients and job seekers we provide personal assistance being the top German Immigration consultant in Delhi.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card program has been designed for the sole purpose to attract more and more business professionals from outside the European Union. Furthermore, this program is a merit-based system; interpreting a person with ‘merits’ as one who received adequate education or, through professional experience possesses sought-after skills.

Why Migrate To Germany?

Germany has the lowest youth unemployment rate and among the world’s best in the manufacturing sector. Being part of the European economy is on the strongest, you can expect great opportunities as a job seeker. Furthermore, Germany has some of the strict labor laws providing protection to the workers and laborers.

Types of Germany Immigration Visas to Apply for:

  • Business Visa: For business-related work for a period of more than 90 days in 6 months.
  • Job Seeker Visa: For applicants looking for better job opportunities
  • Training and Internship Visa: For applicants looking for training and internship opportunities
  • Tourist Visa: For those who wish to travel to journey for leisure.
  • Student Visa: To study in Germany

Sponsorship Visa (Germany)

Workers are sponsored by their employer; dependents are sponsored by the worker. A worker can sponsor their spouse and their children, up to the age of 18 for a Germany Dependent visa. As holders of a Germany Dependent visa, spouses are currently allowed to take up work when sponsored by their legal spouse, although these arrangements are changeable. Unmarried spouses may not be recognized as legal spouses by the Germany Immigration Department. In these circumstances the spouse should consider obtaining a visa independently of their partner in another category, (e.g. quality migrant scheme, capital investor or student) or applying for a Prolonged Visitor Visa.

The Flyder Immigration has got years of experience in Germany immigration process and diverse visa category. Get a professional on board, if you wish to have a wonderful experience of immigration. For more information Germany Services contact us anytime at We feel happy to help you.

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