Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Program (Subclass 476)

The Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Program is tailor-made for exclusive and eligible engineering graduates to apply for suitable jobs in Australia that matches their educational qualification and skill set. The applicant who opt out for this visa program can be inside or outside Australia, and this case excludes for those who are the citizens of Newzealand got allocated under special category visa (subclass 444)

Australian business visa

Eligibility Criteria to obtain Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Program (Subclass 476)

  • The concerned applicant must hold a degree in Engineering and it must be obtained not more than 24 months from the date of registering for the visa.
  • Qualifications like Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate or Post-graduate in Diploma of Engineering needs to be obtained by the concerned applicant.
  • The above mentioned any one of the qualifications must be obtained from a recognised university of foreign soil to which the applicant belongs to.
  • The candidate who is applying for the visa must have atleast one of the following subjects as Majors.
    • Civil Engineering
    • Structural Enginering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Environment Engineering
    • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Mechanical, Production and Plant Engineering
    • Mining and Material Engineering
  • Candidate applying this visa must be under 31.
  • The candidate who is applying for this visa must provide the certificate of their English proficiency test evaluated by the concerned immigration board.

Benefits of Subclass 476 Visa

  • The candidate can study and work anywhere in Australia for a period of 18 months.
  • The concerned candidate can apply for permanent residency based on their eligibility criteria post completing the initial days of visa program.
  • The candidate can travel to and fro to Australia any number of times till the visa gets expired.

Healh Certificate

The concerned applicant must get through the medical examination and clear all the tests with negative result to enter into Australia. This test is applicable to the people who accompanies the primary person.

Language Assessment

  • Must obtain a overall score of 50 in the Pearson Test for English (PTE) or must obtain a minimum of 36 in all the four components
  • A band score of 6 in IELTS test and a minimum score of 5 in all the four components.

Healh Certificate

The concerned candidate applying for this visa program must get verified with police certification and must not have any criminal records in their name for the past 10 years since the candidate has turned 16. If the candidate have lived in different nations then they are bound to get the character certificate fro all the nations.

Family Members

The candidate can bring in their spouse or their dependent children to Australia once their visa and their dependent visa gets approved, the approval will be mainly focused on the points they acquire and the financial capability of the primary visa holder to support their family in Australia.

  • Accommodation and Hospitality Manager- 141999
  • Accountant in General- 221111
  • Baker- 351111
  • Barrister- 271111
  • Cabinet maker- 394111
  • Cabler- 342411
  • Dairy Cattle Farmer- 121313
  • Dance Teacher (private tutor)- 249212
  • Early Childhood Teacher – 311412
  • Earth Science Technician- 224311
  • Facility Manager- 149913
  • Faculty Head- 134411
  • Gallery or Museum Curator- 224212
  • Gardner- 362211
  • Hair dresser- 391111
  • Hardware Technician- 313111
  • ICT Account Manager- 225211
  • ICT Business Analyst- 261111
  • Jeweller- 399411
  • Jewellery Designer- 232313
  • Laboratory Manager- 139913
  • Land Economist- 224511
  • Maintenance Planner- 312911
  • Makeup Artist- 399514
  • Natural and Physical Science Professional- 234999
  • naturopath-252213
  • Occupational Therapist- 252411
  • Operating Theatre Technician- 311214
  • Padeatric Surgeon- 253516
  • Padeatrician- 253321
  • Quality Assurance Manager- 139914
  • Quantity Surveyor- 233213
  • Radiation Oncologist- 253918
  • Radiocommunication Technician- 313211
  • Safety Inspector- 312611
  • Sales and Marketing Manager- 131112
  • Taxation Accountant- 221113
  • English teacher for other language speakers- 249311
  • University Lecturer- 242111
  • Upholsterer- 393311
  • Valuer- 224512
  • Vascular Surgeon- 253521
  • Web Administrator- 313113
  • Web Designer- 232414
  • Zookeeper- 361114
  • Zoologist- 234518

Visitor Visa- Subclass 600

Tourist Stream- In Australia

About the Visa

  • Under this stream you can visit Australia as a tourist for sight seeing or you can visit your family, friends or relatives residing over there.
  • If you are staying in Australia and applying for visitor visa then you will get a permit time of maximum 12 months stay.
  • The total processing time for visitor visa under subclass 600 would take 18 to 27 days on an average.
  • This visitor visa also applicable for those who holds Australian Visa of any other stream and if it is in expiring state.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To get the visa for tourist stream in Australia you need to meet the minimum health standards set by the Australian health ministry board and ensure you are not carrying any communicable disease that might affect their citizens and permanent residence.
  • The applicant must have zero criminal records and not should have involved in any offensive activities against the government or associated with any organization or person who got involved in offensive or violence activities with any government. The character assessment involves police verification from your side from your regional police department who verifies whether you are filed with any complaint involving criminal or government offensing or abusing activities.
  • The applicant must have enough monetary funds to support themselves in their entire Australian stay and they must provide proof of details regarding their financial capabilities.
  • Being a visitor, you are strictly bound to the rules and regulations provided in the visa stream and any kind of violating act from your side would lead in taking serious actions against you by the government. Hence you are expected to be in under the line as a tourist visitor.