Flyder Immigration is a company designed to make the whole process of immigration as easy as possible for our customers. Immigration to Canada has garnered a lot of interest the past couple years due to the benefits Canadian government provides its immigrants. Every year thousands of people migrate to Canada for better job and education opportunities and to provide themselves and their family a better lifestyle and environment to groom.


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We have an experienced and friendly staff committed to solving all our client’s issues. Our company has a huge consumer base and has already helped a lot of people obtain immigration in Canada as well as Australia and America. We offer our clients a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the whole procedure and guide them through every phase.

We evaluate their strengths and calculate their probabilities of being successful in acquiring a visa as well as immigration. After the initial assessment, we try to find the best immigration program for you according to your particular requirements. We assist our customers with the application process that come after confirming eligibility of our clients. We guide them about health and security requirements needed by the Government as also prepare them for the interview conducted by the Canadian government.

Fraudulent practices have emerged over the years making it difficult for people to acquire immigration through a safe and easy method. Therefore it is extremely important that immigrants choose an experienced company to oversee this process and safeguard themselves from scammers.